Where should I add/edit the user and SIP account settings?

Please go to the following link and login into the Bria X web portal:

Now, please click on Dashboard -> Manage. You can now go to the "Users" tab or "Server settings" tab to add/modify user account and SIP account settings respectively. After adding and updating the changes on the web portal, the respective user needs to log out of their Bria X and log back in for the changes to go through and we require this action (log out and log back in) every time we make any change on the web portal.


For detailed instructions on configuring User and SIP account, please go to Dashboard -> Resources -> Documentation, and you would find the "Admin" and "Quick Start" guide there.


Note: The SIP and XMPP accounts in Bria X client are locked and you cannot access or open the respective account, so changes cannot be made directly in the client. We can only add/edit/delete the "Outlook Account" in Bria X by clicking the Add/Edit/Remove buttons, as in the picture below.

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