What is a VoIP Service Provider?

A VoIP service provider offers a service that allows customers to make or receive voice calls over the Internet. Another term for "VoIP service provider" is "Internet telephony service provider" (ITSP).

To enable voice and video calling in Bria X, you will need a call server or VoIP service provider who supports SIP connectivity. This means they must support “SIP softphones”, “SIP phone calls on your computer”, or “SIP using a client.” Please confirm with your VoIP service provider that you have all the necessary configurations and settings before setting up.

You do not need a VoIP service that requires an adaptor, VoIP router or gateway device. The only hardware you will need to use Bria X to make or receive voice and video calls is a desktop computer with headset device, or mobile smartphone and tablet device.

To find a VoIP service provider, you can try searching for "VoIP service provider" in your web browser, or visit CounterPath’s ITSP Partner Program page and select the ITSP Certified Partners tab to view a list of VoIP providers who have tested and certified their service with CounterPath’s Bria products.

Once you have signed up with a service provider, you will be provided with account credentials consisting of:

  • A user name such as "6045551212" or "jsmith"
  • A domain name such as ""

(The above two credentials may be combined as one item, such as

  • A password

You may also be provided with one or two voicemail numbers:

  • A voicemail number for retrieving voicemails
  • A number for sending to voicemail

(If only one number is provided, it is generally the number for retrieving voicemails.)

Other network information, such as:

  • An "outbound proxy address", for example, 123.456.789.012
  • A dial plan
  • The address of a STUN or TURN server

You will be asked to enter the User ID and Password of your SIP account within the Bria X Web Platform in Server Settings when configuring users.


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