How do I use Wireshark?

A CounterPath Support Representative may ask you to use a program called Wireshark to capture data being sent between Bria X and your VOIP server to help diagnose possible issues.

Downloading and Running Wireshark

Windows and OS X

Wireshark is a free download available here.

Once Wireshark starts, select Capture > Interfaces. From here, you will see a dialog showing all the different networking devices (ethernet card, wireless card, etc.) that are available on your computer. Please remember the description of the device, that you would like to capture packets from. Now you can close the dialog.

Next, please click on Capture > Options. At the top of the dialog, you will see a drop-down list. You can select the device you want to capture packets from.

Now press Start, and Wireshark will start capturing the incoming and outgoing packets from the device you chose above.

While Wireshark is running, you can run Bria X and try to recreate the issue you are trying to resolve.

To save the resulting capture, click File > Save. Leave the file type as default, and save the file. Finally, attach this file to your open ticket.

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