Step 2 - Set Up Your First User

Estimated Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Low

The first user will be you, the Administrator! This account has been automatically created with your name, email address and password upon signing up. Now, you will want to give yourself voice capabilities by adding your SIP information. 

Login to the Bria X Web Portal > Dashboard > Your Subscriptions > Click Manage > Users

Select the pencil icon to update your profile and add SIP information.  All you need is the User ID and Password from your SIP account.

Don't forget to click Save User to ensure the information you entered is saved.

Download Bria X to your mobile and desktop devices from the Dashboard.

We recommend doing a few basic tests once your SIP information is setup. You should be able to login with your Bria X credentials on a mobile or desktop device. Once logged in, you should be able to make, receive and place a call on hold.

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