Step 3 - Upload Your Users

Estimated Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Low

Bria X makes it easy to set up new users. Simply choose from one of two options below.

Option 1

To manually enter users, select the Users tab (next to Server Settings) and click Add New User.

Enter the user email address and password, then scroll down to select Add SIP Account.

Add SIP information from your VoIP Provider or SIP Server. Remember, this is different from the Bria X credentials you entered earlier!

Option 2

Use our simple two-step process Bulk Upload Tool to add users. This offers you the biggest opportunity to save time by quickly provisioning a team of many within minutes.

To use the Bulk Upload Tool, select the Users tab (next to Server Settings) and click Upload Users.

Download the CSV file and use your pre-populated user information within the file to get started. 

Select the populated CSV file on your computer to upload. You should now see the new users added under Subscription Users.

We recommend that you export your SIP provider account user list. Simply copy the corresponding columns and paste this into the downloadable Bria X .csv file.

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