Apple Beta Testing

As we head into summer, once again Apple Beta Session is upon us. 

Apple has recently opened the Public Beta for iOS 12, as well as the Developer Beta for Mohave, the next version of OSX.  Our teams are of course already working towards supporting these version. As with previous updates, we will support versions of Bria on these platforms once they are Generally Available.  Beta OS are not recommended for users that rely on Bria, as beta OS by definition are not yet ready for production.  CounterPath does not support the use of Bria on Beta OS’. 

If you are amongst those brave folks that try Apple’s Betas to help test the software, we applaud you for participating in the Apple Beta Program. You can also apply to join CounterPath’s  beta program by sending an email with your apple user id and your model(s) of Apple Hardware to We gladly accept any reports of issues you may find while using Beta OS’, but please understand that issues may be not fixed until final release as the OS’ are still being updated.

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